Tuesday, April 17, 2012

100 Cups of Tea Giveaway

As a way of saying thank you to everyone for their continued support in her blog, she's holding a giveaway! Most of this products are her personal favorite.

A lucky winner will get:
- 20 pairs of ebay eyelashes in 6 different designs
- Sleek iDivine Palette in Original
- EOS lipbalm in sweet mint
- Set of 5 EcoTools brushes
- Pair of Geo Circle lenses (0.00 degrees)
- 3 pairs of Equip earrings.

How to join? It's easy as 123 just head over her GIVEAWAY POST and fill in & follow what is asked in the rafflecopter.

Terms and conditions
- Open internationally
- Must be over 18 or have the permission of your parents
- One entry of each type per person
- Fill out the rafflecopter
- Publicly follow her blog (+1)
- Leave your email (+1)
- Tell her something interesting (a fact, something about yourself, what you did today, anything.)(+1)

Just as simple as that! So join NOW! and get yourself a chance to win.

Goodluck Fellas! =)


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