Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bebengisms x Cetaphil Giveaway 2

When my hubby got sick we stopped our business because of lots of problems. But now, we started over again and good thing we got new clients as before. And this time we'll manage our business correctly, so that if there's a problem like before we will not forced to stop it again and start over and over again.

And also I am very happy when my son's skin was back to smooth. I was really afraid when he suffered SSS syndrome, it is really hearth breaking for a mom to see your child suffer scalded skin. Good thing my son's dermatologist highly recommends Cetaphil bar. His skin regain to normal.

By the way, join Mommy Bebeng of Bebengism and Cetaphil giveaway part 2. All you have to do is head over this linky HERE for the complete mechanics. 

Goodluck Fellas!


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