Wednesday, May 4, 2011

SunTel Video Jingle Promo!

December 15, 2010, SunTel Wireless Landline have launched the "Jingle Video Contest".
a pre-announcement of a new promo. 

This contest is open to all fans of Suntel Philippines on Facebook

Although i'm not a professional video maker/editor since i only use windows movie maker and I don't even have any backgrounds of making or editing videos, but when i saw this announcement i decided to join because i really love making videos =).

Announcing that they'll be accepting entries by wednesday:

Where to download SunTel Jingle: 

Prizes at Stake for the two lucky winners:

Submitted my video last December 28, 2010 at 1:44pm. And campaigned to like my video.

But the promo was extended:

So i and my family get a chance to campaign more votes for my video. And got 1,753 votes until the last day of voting (February 20, 2011) with the help of my family & relatives.

February 22 at 5:06am  Announcement of Winners:
February 22, 2011 at 1:55pm. I received a message from suntel:

I replied the message on the day i received from SunTel admin, requesting if they could just send it to me via courier or i will just claim my prize to any SunTel office here in Davao since i'm from Davao City and i don't have any representatives to claim at Digitel's Head Office (16th floor, Cybergate 3, Pioneer Road, Boni, Mandaluyong). But Suntel admin didn't replied my message 'bout my request to ship my prize. 
March 16 at 1:22pm. I message them in Facebook, stating again my same request. BUT got NO reply from SunTel admin, so i decided to post on their Fanpage wall using my 2nd account, asking for any updates of my prize.
And on that same date March 21 at 1:30pm, they send me message:
I'm so happy they got an option for me on how to claim my prize. So I replied on their message (March 22 at 1:44am), I told them that i preferred the second option which is "they will send the phone to me but i will cover the charges" and send also my home address. BUT.. BUT.. BUT no reply from SunTel AGAIN so i decided to send them a text to the number posted above. And they replied to my text stating the two options on how to pick-up my prize and on that same day i replied "that i prefer the second option together with my home address." Again i got NO REPLY from them, so i just decided to patiently wait again & again. But time flies & still no updates from SunTel, so i posted on SunTel Fanpage TWICE asking 'bout some updates on my prize but they deleted my 2 post. I don't know why they deleted my post??? Until i received a message from SunTel admin:
I replied April 3 at 10:15am : 
"OK thankss..i'm not posting any negatives on your wall. I've seen you've deleted my post twice, but I don't think it's negative or offensive if I just only ask for any update 'bout my winnings/prize. Anyways, I'm looking forward 'bout my prize to arrive soon or any updates from you 'bout my prize. THANKS A LOT & MORE POWER!!!!"
April 14 at 8:51am. AGAIN I send a message to SunTel asking for any updates. BUT NO REPLY FROM THEM. I waited until April 23 at 1:05 pm, it's exactly 2 months since the day they announced the winners so I AGAIN send them message twice.
April 27 at 6:02pm. My hubby post on SunTel fanpage: 
My point here on posting my Hubby's post after SunTel's post is that they're online after my hubby's post at least they could just reply on the post of my hubby & not ignore us!! 
I am supposed to receive this phone as they promised for being the video with most numbers of likes/fan favorite:
But they don't have any UPDATES or REPLY to my messages, they even deleted my posts on their fanpage. I don't know when will i receive this phone because until NOW May 5, 2011 I haven't receive yet the phone =( .. Hoping soon!!!   
SunTel Wireless Landline admins please don't ignore your fans!!! Asking for updates doesn't mean that we're posting negative or offensive in your wall. We're just asking for your immediate response or at least don't ignore us!!! =(  We do understand that your busy or not always online but it will only take a second or a minute to reply to your fans & that simple response from YOU means a lot to your fans.      

after 2months and 15 days of waiting...

And well, after sending this blog to them, I received my phone already!! Do i need to write a blog like this? for them to send this phone? hmmm!! THANKS ANYWAY SUNTEL WIRELESS LANDLINE!
this is my first gadget that i got from joining online contest.


  1. ang sad nmn sis!!! dapat pakuha muh n lng tas byaran muh n lng ung kukuha sa ortigas ung best way jan sayang kc eh!!or ibenta muh dun sa kukuha..

  2. @jane uu nga sis eh! =( kakapagod pa pg hindi ka nrreplyan ng admin grrr ...sana nga meron ako kilala na pede kmuha sa office kaso wala eh hayss kaya nga happy ako nung pede iship & ako na mgbabayad sa charges.

  3. Same experience po sa akin. kaso GLOBE naman, winner ng blackberry curve ng Decemeber 2010 pero nakuha ko ng March 2011 almost 3 months na paghihintay pero kahit papaano thankful ako sa GLOBE hehehe..


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