Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bags for Little Princesses Giveaway

Every mom wants only the best for their kids. Dress them like a princess, buy all the accessories and stuffs and etc. that a typical princess do wear. I have 2 princesses and they both love to wear my bags, accessories and other stuffs.And I just recently bought them a new kikay bags para hindi na kunin mga bags ko hehehe. I love collecting lots of bags of different style and different brands and so my kids also want to collect bags (my bags? hehehe). 
This two lovely girls in this picture will absolutely gonna shout if they would own a new bag from Marie Antoinette Baby & Co. collection. This lovable bag that every princessita's will surely love. 
A perfect surprise for my princesses!

Oh! by the way you might wanna join Bebengisms' Marie Antoinette Baby & Co. +A Giveaway, a cute gift for your little girls. 

Goodluck Fellas!

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